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Completed teaching diploma (or equivalent diploma)



by audition or sending in a CD (depending on the location)

The training comprises 5 stages (levels), each of which is completed in a one-year course. A year's course consists of approximately 100-120 contact hours. The annual course ends with an exam according to the guidelines of the European  Suzuki Society (ESA) in front of an ESA jury.
More information can be found here.


  learning content

  • Mastering the Suzuki repertoire (by heart)

  • Mastery of the main focus of the lesson according to piece, volume and level  

  • In-depth study of the philosophy of Dr. Suzuki

  • One-to-one lessons, specifically with a view to improving technique, tone production and sound quality

  • Dealing with fundamental aspects of teaching (developmental psychology, psychomotor skills, triangle teacher-student-parents etc.)

  • Practical part: shadowing and supervised individual and group lessons


We would be happy to provide you with further information

Frau Agathe Jerie and Martin Rüttimann (for violin)

Mrs. Carol Bez (for cello)

Mrs. Lola Tavor (for piano)

Mrs. Anke van der Bijl, Holland (for flute)

For guitar, double bass, viola, harp and recorder teacher courses please contact ESA directly:

NEW: the Suzuki teacher training is now also offered through the KALAIDOS University of Applied Sciences. More information can be found here:

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